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The Various Jobs in Human Services

Family Employment
Home service - sick Guard
Carer Maid

Family Employment

Family employment, why?

Called family employment tasks performed with a particular employer. The family-employment refers particularly home care, the use of a housekeeper, child care ... home.

Family employment, for whom?

Possible interventions depend on the level of approval. They are of two types:

Easy approval - Family Employment can not intervene:
• children under three years
• People over 70 years
• people with disabilities.

Quality Accreditation - Family Employment can intervene with everyone.

Jobs family, how?

If family employment is governed by a representative structure, it places the employee in an individual who becomes the employer. She also helps them with paperwork.
If family employment is governed by a service structure, it is the employer of the person. It provides a service by providing one of its employees that it will charge for any.
It is also possible to use the service voucher that cuts red tape.

Home service - sick Guard

A very human service

The nurse has a presence to the sick people who stay at home. He oversees the physical comfort of the patient, but also to the moral well-being. He knows how to respond to simple requests, and provides a link with the outside deeply reassuring for the patient, as well as families.

The service at home can be done on the day but also at night, always at home. The speaker is in the immediate vicinity of the patient, and must be available to him at any time.
Ensure not care

The nurse does not provide medical care: it only supports the attentions would have a close to the patient. Nevertheless, it may help in decision-prescription drugs, provided it does not provide for the intervention of a medical assistant.

The conditions to use this kind of service at home

If you use an agency, it must receive "quality approval."


The carer guides people in their daily

What are the main activities of the carer?

They are involved, inter alia, with the elderly.
Carers accompany people in their daily life (housing maintenance, kitchen, dining) stimulate their intellectual or physical activities (outings, leisure) and contribute to the development of their social life and relationships.

What skills and qualities necessary for the carer?

To listen and be able to adapt its response to the situation of each person and their expectations; be discreet and respect their privacy; have a basic knowledge of health and hygiene, namely to prepare balanced meals and adapted.

Have a good physical condition, able to ensure the movement of persons deprived of their mobility and how to perform domestic tasks and to perform simple administrative tasks on behalf of the care recipient.

Who is eligible for a carer to his home?

Once a loss of autonomy is diagnosed by a physician, resulting in the need of help at home to stay at home or because of an age with a decrease in autonomy.

What is the formation of carer?

The Assistant State Diploma of Social Life (DEAVS) is issued at the completion of training: it includes 500 hours of theory and 560 hours of practical training. It is open to persons 18 years of age, irrespective of degree.


The role of a maid:

A housekeeper is a person whose job is to clean the homes of private individuals or companies.
The role of a maid does not necessarily stop cleaning. Various functions can be assigned as their ironing, window cleaning, sewing, washing, cooking etc ...

The conditions of employment of a maid:

The maid can be used directly by an individual with the opportunity to be paid to the universal service employment check (CESU), or be an employee of a company (service provider) or through an organization (agent) responsible for its investment homes.

The housekeeper can provide effective help for couples both working and no longer have time to take in order their homes. The aging population also increases the demand for domestic help, maid, "men all hands" etc ...

This job often little esteemed in society is essential and helps to maintain the personal.
Also called a maintenance worker, local cleaner, cleaner of surfaces, surface technician, housekeeper

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