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The genital herpes (genital herpes). Itching? vaginal discharge? Heartburn? What is it? What to do? Who to contact? Where to go?

Genital herpes herpes genitale


The genital herpes virus or herpes virus type II, is a sexually transmitted infection very similar to that caused by 'type I herpes labial.

It is called "fever", that is, those pesky bubbles that appear on the lips but also in other areas of the skin usually during an influence, a period of stress, intense sun exposure.

They are due to virus replication within our cells.


The first time is contracted genital herpes, the symptoms are generally quite important: the presence of white bubbles, their number varies from two to twenty and more, it is accompanied by a sense of itching and tension annoyingly painful.

However, any attempt to bring scratching relief is inhibited from the extreme pain that causes the brush against. These symptoms are also often joins fever and swelling of the inguinal glands and generalized redness of the affected part.

The herpes virus once contract tends to remain inside the human body to start to replicate in immune deficiency moments, but subsequent episodes are much less dramatic because the immune system keeps the virus memory and stops their replication in a much shorter time.

How is genital herpes?

If you are faced with a first episode do visit, they precriveranno an antiviral oral, very expensive but totally borne by the National Health Service, which can shorten both the duration and intensity of symptoms.

The tablets based antihistamine may help reduce itching.

As for subsequent episodes antiviral cream, although very expensive and not charged to the National Health Service could, if used at the first symptoms, reduce the duration of episodes.

Unfortunately there is no definitive therapy despite you talk for many years of the imminence of a vaccine. It 'necessary to abstain from sexual intercourse since the early symptoms and actually think that those who are suffering from genital herpes can also transmit the latency periods .

Proper behavior on the part of people with genital herpes would be to communicate the imminent partner status can be contagious.

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