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Scarlet fever contagious period

Scarlet fever is a disease different from other childhood diseases in that it is caused by bacteria; streptococcus groups A and not one virus.

This infection that has ravaged the time of our ancestors is now much less serious because it is treatable with antibiotics. It primarily affects children between 5 and 15 years.

As the bacterial infection settles in the throat, scarlet fever is spread through the respiratory tract. The rash itself is not contagious.

Incubation and contagion
Incubation lasts from two to five days before the onset of sore throat, and the child is contagious two days before the sore throat and remains so until 24 hours after initiation of antibiotics. So that the more we delay seeking medical attention, the longer the child is transmittable.

The disease begins with sudden sore throat and fever of around 40 C. the patient may also experience chills, have increased heart rate, have the swollen glands in the neck and have difficulty swallowing. Scarlet fever is usually accompanied by general malaise, a headache, stomach pain and vomiting.

is scarlet fever contagious during the incubation period

The rash appears 18-24 hours after the onset of sore throat and fever. This rash is caused by a toxin produced by group A streptococcal scarlet fever is special: it begins with the chest, then spread over two days to rest of the body except the palms and soles.

We were found to be rough and sunburned skin feel like sandpaper all alive small buttons dark red skin. Rash most pronounced in the flexures, or elbow and groin have been disappeared from the four or five days.

Since the advent of penicillin and cortisone, complications due to scarlet fever have almost disappeared since the antibiotic treatment directly attacks the strep and prevents its progression toward something else. However, it is always possible that the bacteria attack the kidneys, heart and joints.

It usually prescribed an antibiotic, or penicillin for 10 days. To treat fever and pain, we recommend giving acetaminophen according to the recommended dosage and of course to ensure that the child is well hydrated. For itching, consult your pharmacist who will advise you to depend on the age of the child. Usually, an antihistamine may be recommended, as well as applying a cream or lotion to relieve itching. As many products are on the shelves, a specialist will recommend the right product.

There is no vaccine against scarlet fever, and one can contract the disease more than once in his life.

Any specific recommendations for pregnant women. It is still recommended to avoid possible to connect a person infected with scarlet fever.

This article should not replace medical advice. This information is provided for information purposes only.

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