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What differences between undertakings or associations providers or agents?

The aging of the population, the professional activity of two members of the couple, single parent families and broken lead to the development of friendly society human services for individuals.

The government facilitates access to these services by the introduction of tax breaks. Only these services make it possible to benefit from the 5.5% VAT, the tax reduction of 50%, the use of CESU and exemption from payroll taxes for individuals who use home care services. These services are called personal services.

Definition of personal services:

Occupations personal services cover a broad spectrum of activities and trades:

- The personal services for the family child care home, school support, promotion of all forms of assistance to remain at home for dependents;

- Services related to the quality of daily life at home: support, computer repair, meals on wheels, minor repairs, hairdressing, home maintenance (cleaning, housekeeping, maid);

- Services related to housing: security service, home gardening, timely advice in planning;

- Intermediation services: timely legal advice, assistance with administrative procedures.

Other personal services:

• Beauty: barber, beautician home
• Sport: athletic trainer at home
• Second homes: monitoring during your absence or stewardship;
• Concierge service: laundry, laundry, alterations, shoe repair ... recovered and delivered to your home or your work;
• Garage at home: minor repairs, drain;
• Kitchen: Race to the cooking, a chef takes care of everything;
• beauty care at home;
• Sivraison of home shopping (food or not), frozen food or bulky products;
• Cleaning the home of his car or his boat before the season;
• Pets: animal care at home, walk, talk;

Another name: Home Care

What differences between undertakings or associations providers or agents?

Business or service organization

The company or service organization and provides bulk billing a benefit to the individual service recipient (the salary of the person involved, payroll taxes, management fees and VAT).

The speaker is an employee of the service structure. The company or organization is completely responsible for the service provided to the individual who made the request.

Company or agent combination

The company or agent association is responsible (it is mandated) by the individual claiming the benefits of the service, to recruit the employee involved and to make the administration of the case.

The particular recipient, is the employer. So he will be responsible for payment of wages for the service rendered and the corresponding payroll taxes.

Personal services: Advice and approaches

Human Services
What differences between undertakings or associations providers or agents?
What are the differences between simple approval and accreditation quality?

Simple approval

Simple approval is not required. It is proof of seriousness for the service rendered. Simple approval may be required for the following services:

• maintenance of the home and housework, gardening work,
• benefits small DIY called "men all hands"
• tutoring or home tutoring,
• Computer and Internet support at home,
• preparing meals at home, including time spent in committees,
• Meals on Wheels delivery *
• collection and home delivery ironed *
• grocery delivery at home *
• Care and walking pets for dependents,
• maintenance, care and vigilance temporary home of the main and secondary residence
• accompanying children over three years in their travels *
• administrative assistance to home
• activities directly and exclusively to coordinate and deliver services to the person.

Accreditation Quality

Accreditation Quality is more demanding mandatory for companies or associations that cater to vulnerable population groups, that is to say, the home services for the elderly, disabled or children under 3 year old.

The quality approval must be sought for the following services:

• Child aged under 3 years,
• assisting the elderly or others who need personal assistance at home, except for acts of care under medical procedures
• Assistance for the Disabled including as an interpreter in sign language technicians written and cued speech coder,
• patient care to the exclusion of care
• mobility aid and transport people with mobility problems when this activity is included in a range of services, home assistance,
• providing staff conduct vehicle for dependents, from home to work on the holiday destination, for administrative procedures *
• support for children under 3 years in their travels, the elderly and disabled out of their homes (walks, transport, activities of daily living) *
• beauty care home for dependent people.

* Provided that this provision is included in a set of activities carried out at home.

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