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The Human Services - For Who? What for?

For who?
For who?

Care for the elderly

Support services for the elderly: in what circumstances?

When an elderly person can no longer perform only simple actions of everyday life (get up, get dressed, prepare meals ...), it can use a suitable home care for elderly frail people.
Care must be preceded by a needs assessment with the person and if necessary with his entourage.

Assistance to people - that can make a home assistant for the elderly?

It is important to note that support for older people, as part of the home support, should not include acts of care under the control of medical procedures.

Assistance for people specifically dedicated to the following:

- Support and assist the elderly in the essential activities of daily life: mobility aids and travel, help the elderly person at her toilet, her dressing, eating, disposal functions, ensure the role of nurse. ...
-Ensure Vigilance from the person through physical visits usability to detect unusual signs or behaviors. - Support and assist the elderly in their activities that are social and relational life assistance to people in domestic activities and administrative procedures, in his spare time in maintaining social relationships, etc., either home or from home. - Support intellectual, sensory and motor activities of the person: activities including interventions at the home of seniors losing their autonomy, to assist them and help them adapt their actions and lifestyles to their capabilities autonomy in their environment. This support allows at the same time to optimize the support of those around helping himself.
In addition, older persons, whether or not loss of independence, may have different support services to individuals who do not specialize, for example, grocery shopping, light gardening, walking animals company etc.

The conditions of the elderly care

Organizations offering assistance to elderly persons must meet quality requirements strengthened.
The law therefore requires its agencies a quality certification.

Assistance, Disability Supports

The support services for disabled people: ad hoc or permanent Many trades and services support within the disability assistance.

Depending on your disability, you may request the assistance of a daily carer or specific help for more targeted actions:

A carer will accompany you to perform all the essential activities of daily life:

• personal hygiene, dressing, undressing, equipment
• food, sunrise and sunset, travel in housing
• support for the practice of a profession, activity training or paperwork, etc.

The aid disability services also allow you to use an interpreter in sign language, a technician or a written cued speech coder.

Accompanying children and adults with disabilities in their movements outside their home (walks, transport, activities of daily living), is also part of the services of supports to people.

You can, if you have a personal vehicle to drive you in your car.
Finally you can also use different forms of support services to people who are not specialists, such as deliveries of groceries, small DIY services, IT support etc.

The conditions to offer aid services to people

The activities of supports to people with disabilities must meet the requirements of enhanced quality. The law therefore requires organizations a quality approval.

The financial benefits for people who use the services to aid people
Some financial assistance (compensation benefit - PCH or the education allowance for disabled children) to remunerate domestic help can be packaged by your level of disability, age, and by assessing what will your doctor as for your self.

Learn about your rights by contacting the departmental homes of people with disabilities, social services in your area or visit the sites listed below:

Social benefits for disabled Departmental Houses Disability (MDPH)


The quality approval is required to intervene with the elderly or disabled

Accreditation Quality is more demanding than simple approval, mandatory for companies or associations that cater to vulnerable population groups, that is to say, the home services for the elderly, disabled or children under 3 years.

Accreditation Quality should be asked for the following services:

• - child care home under 3 years
• - to assist the elderly or others who need personal assistance at home, with the exception of acts of care under medical procedures
• - disability assistance including as an interpreter in sign language technicians written and cued speech coder,
• - patient care to the exclusion of care
• - mobility aid and transport people with mobility problems when this activity is included in a range of services, home assistance,
• - delivery driving personal vehicle for dependents, from home to work on the holiday destination, for administrative procedures *
• - support for children under 3 years in their travels, the elderly and disabled out of their homes (walks, transport, activities of daily living) *
• - aesthetic home care for dependent persons.

In addition to this procedure, it is possible to intervene of nursing home care

* Provided that this provision is included in a set of activities performed at home

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