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Depression or depression definition?

Depression or depression?

Depression, mild and transient depression
The mild and transient depressive symptoms or "blues" are a group of symptoms which include decreased interest in daily activities, sadness, trouble sleeping (insomnia in most cases), disorders of appetite (anorexia or bulimia), mood disorders (rather irritability). But these symptoms are not the severity of a true depression or characterized. They had just a few days, a week or two at most. The return to more optimistic feelings is usually quick. Beyond two weeks of permanent depression, we must ask the question of a lasting depression that is to say, entering a depressive illness.

What are the risks and health issues of depression?
The main risk of mild and transient depression was to evolve lasting depression characterized, especially that there are risk factors such as the solitary life: widowhood, divorce, separation (Risk factors for depressive episodes in the general population). The depression is a real mental illness must be treated medically. It is therefore important to understand that mild and transient depressive symptoms are not to be taken lightly.

Depression is the leading cause of suicide: nearly 70% of people who die by suicide suffer from depression, often undiagnosed or untreated. Suicide deaths tend to decrease (10% in men between 2000 and 2006 and 6% in women), but not in all age groups. The suicide rate for 45-54 years rose: moderately for women (2.2% between 2000 and 2006) and stronger for men (8%) (The state of health of the population).

What are the mechanisms of transient mild depression?
Even without major dramas are mourning, war or massive layoffs, the existence known to be painful: separation, car accident "Benin" job transfer for example. These events lead logically from mild and transient depressive symptoms, which subside rapidly to disappear when personal resources and support of the environment are not lacking. We adapt and mood returns to normal.

The "blues" affects everyone at one time or another, as long as the psyche includes an unfortunate and / or frustrating event to overtake. The moments of "blues" cockroach, doubt is part of the maturation process.
Minor depressive manifestations occur frequently in periods of overwork and show a nervous exhaustion lasting stress and / or intense. Not to mention the lack of light (winter seasonal depression).

The underlying diseases are also providers of "depressed" known asthenia after a seasonal viral infection, anemia, renal failure, hypothyroidism ... All things being equal, 20% of people whose physical health is the most degraded of the population have a threefold risk of experiencing a major depressive episode (Risk factors for depressive episodes in the general population). Depressive symptoms persist until these causes have not been addressed or have not stopped naturally.

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