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The bedridden are very wise this weekend

Hi, I also rejoin you because I am in stop and November disease because I have not painful contractions but I Faisai quite road, and I'm supposed to be allite since February 9 (I was 28sa ) because my neck is shorter (30mm) and open a good finger (the gygy can affect the baby's head when considering me). The gygy prescribed me two bites celesten to ripen pulmonary organs of the baby, and treatment salbumol to limit contractions until 16 April. I say "supposed" because the first week, stay beautiful all rosy, my husband

Run the household, the food, etc., and stay out of the question regulator me anything ... it really flavour some stay with me ... But then he began to abandon the household, to blow when he prenai list race and he asked me "what's for dinner?". So being frustrated to see depressed having to do anything, I resumed my normal activities ... There are 2 weeks during my 3rd ultrasound (I strut 32sa) gygy I found that my baby does not stay very Wholesale (1kg520) and therefore fallai I rest more for my little chip can gain weight as they should. So there I am depressed can, I'm caught between two fires: on one side my husband, I would like to see blooming, and my other baby that I already love so much, and I would like to see healthy at birth ... That's my story, and sorry for being so long.

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