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Margot without perished in 37 min!

Recap: 05/09, open one finger collar. 12/09, open to two finger wide collar. 14/09 loss of the mucous plug. 02/10, day of the term, 1am, stepmother arrived (she had missed his train) to keep my big girl. 2:17 1st painful contraction, 2:30, 2nd contraction. Then every 10 minutes until 4 bath (2 large contractions in the bath), 4:30, I wake my husband. 5:20, arrived at the mat '=> en direct labor. Open 9 Col. Margot was born at 5:57! So no epidural birth on the side, I have managed through contractions, by cons for expulsion, it was the largest anything, I was so bad, I even have a cried little pushing (I admit I'm ashamed but I was relieved!). Small tear and against revision because the placenta did not come out! So re-pain after childbirth! I left the hospital after four days,

Margot had already taken 50g! I breastfeed and cons, I have very sore breasts, it should pass. Night is chugging, along, depending on the day, I try to put both girls to nap at the same time to sleep but it does not always work! That's my story, good luck with that and still expect others who do not sleep at night.

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