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Resumption of work yesterday ....

I read to you yesterday, but I did not have time to answer you ... And pourtt I qqes questions for you! We never had the opportunity to discuss, you must be confused! Good short, it is clear that on the night awakenings, we finally abandoned the idea to let her cry! It is unbearable to me and I'd be woken 3 times 20 min the night guilty head a day! Especially that even before the birth of my daughter, we all agree with Dad not to let our baby cry, for securing a maximun and give them confidence in us! We have also made the haptoglobin to prepare my birth! And its first three months, we have never let her cry! Now, for the LM, what do you mean when you talk about saving the LM?

Finally, you advised not to use the bib me ... my daughter had very early bib complement (the first, it was 11 days) and it's up to one month. It is tjours well until there is little time she has a ds first tps, refused to take the bib! Now it goes. But she gets mad a little on my breast, when properly drained. Is not this what the famous nipple confusion? If this is the case, what do you advise me? I expect from you! A more.

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