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I tell myself that all these "scientists" they do not know more than us about it here! Nobody watched the issuance of Ruquier last night with two damsels who wrote a book to teach parents to raise their children? It was worth the trip ... well take an example: one year must spanking children they need boundaries, another year ESPECIALLY do not hit your child you will traumatize! Grade 3 give him half a spanking is enough! So stop taking your head with what they say 3/4 do not know what to invent to write a book and make money

... I say that every child is different, no one is able to say advance what solution will best suit a child or not! The only thing to do is to do it according to the evolution of this child what is and adapt against him for childcare ... even a little infant alert you when it's not going Well ... he did not need to know about why! All parents know that a baby cries differently according to the "missing" it feels! And finally I will share my experience with my last 3 years that today, dad and I are still together I said, but when my son was just baby as her father got up at night to give him comfort bottle, change it, we did as much as the other, I would even say that in the early days of his life it was his father who took care of more than me because I was very tired after my birth and I had some medical problems and my son was no more unfortunate for that ... and now my child is much closer to his father than have been my two eldest, indeed he is unable to sleep at night if dad is not there ... Well, I'm ok for nursing mothers is another concern.

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