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Delivery in toulon

If you want to assure you my listening experience: I gave birth on February 3 in saint jean. All the staff was on top as midwives that pericultrices, as to my gyno dr jubiot he is adorable throughout the work (which was certainly very short &) he has to be reassuring calm top anything.

And after a time in my room like nurses are geniales models come see long hopefully I breastfeed my son and they were at first feeds to see if we arrived well at night they come to me after they have even took the little last night (amors when you breastfeed in principle you keep your child with you) and they were even cheer me up when I was crying I keep a short beautiful memories of my birth and my stay in the maternity Finally the pericultrice has called me two days ago to see if everything is well spent. If you want do not hesitate to contact me.

Good luck and make us a beautiful baby.

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