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Who underwent trial of labor + section?

Hi, when I was pregnant, one month before my dpa I had a false labor and my cervix is ​​open to 2.5cm. My DPA was scheduled for 15/07 but the baby was still too high. Since I had a big baby (my daughter was born with 4kg to 55cm) it did not have much room to move and the midwife who gave me my monitor was concerned, they have several that they would give me a Caesarean but finally my daughter was doing movements and they were reassured. Finally my gygy decided to induce labor so on July 13, I went to the clinic. Around 5am I started to feel contractions. At 11am, the neck had not moved and I was dying and begged hard that makes me the epidural. It gave me a pelvimetry to see if I did not have too narrow pelvis. It was a bit tight but it could possibly happen. At 15 pm we finally made me my epidural (it seems that it slows down the opening of the cervix and so we did not want me to do before).

At 18h I was only 6 cm and I was exhausted, especially the baby was tired so we decided to get a cesarean section. The gynecologist has told me a sad but I told him that I was very happy, he d├ępeche because I could no longer suffer (the effect of the epidural is being attenuated as they already felt the caesarean was not renewed my dose of peri). At 8:21 p.m. my daughter was born by caesarean section. His dad saw everything I could see, he made me kisses through the glass. I watched all the time, it was a very intense moment. From time to tmeps he watched what was done to me. What made me sad c I just heard a scream and then they took them, his dad took ds the first arm and they gave him care and I brought it but I n 'I could do that kiss. We did not tell me it's a girl! (I know but hey I wish I had confirmation me neither its size or weight). It was my husband who told me after 1am so all this time I bothered. Then when it was sewn, I went to the Neonatal (the procedure for babies born by caesarean section: Neonatal first night). And I could take it and breastfeed. The gyno told me that if my future children were all so big and strong it would make me a caesarean to 38 semaines. And I'd much + monitored. Here is my story! Kiss.

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