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Depression Prevention Tips Online Guide

Depression Prevention

What do we recognize it is only a transient mild depression?
The mild and transient depressive symptoms resemble copy major depression but with less intensity and duration of less than two weeks evolution. These symptoms include:

- The decline of vital energy (most want to do anything)
- Sleep disturbance with insomnia, difficulty falling asleep and / or nocturnal awakenings,
- Sadness,
- Loss of appetite or conversely bulimic behaviors,
- Impaired mental concentration,
- Fatigue,
- Irritability,
- A sense of guilt,
- And poor self-esteem ("I am a (an) idiot").

However, it is still able to enjoy the pleasures of life and happy events. Above all, there is still an ability to be comforted by the surroundings and look to the future without advance too negative: there is hope and solutions.

With what should we be confused depression?
First, do not overlook the entry into real depression.
The mild depressive symptoms that occur in a manic-depressive personality, alternating between depression and enthusiasm, should evoke a "bipolar disorder" Backstab installation, very underrated mental illness, where severe depression and periods of intense euphoric excitement alternate and high risk of suicide: 15% of patients with bipolar disorder die by suicide.

When did you consult?
It is not necessary to medicalize, even psychiatriser, mild and transient depressive symptoms which, by definition, will quickly disappear. They are instead an opportunity to reflect on the causes of the "blues" and responsibilities during his life.

However, the persistence of this state more than two weeks or the regular repetition (there are legitimate reasons to not known) must promptly consult with your doctor.

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