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What is Diagnosing endometriosis about?

A rapid and reliable test can help diagnose endometriosis without surgery.

A fast and reliable testing can without surgery, to diagnose endometriosis, chronic gynecological disease in which patches of uterine lining becomes implanted outside the uterus, according to studies published Wednesday.

10% to 15% of women of reproductive age suffer from this disease, which can cause infertility, menstrual cramps, or pelvic pain during sexual intercourse. In endometriosis, cells of the uterine lining (called the endometrium) is usually implanted in the abdomen (eg the peritoneum, the ovaries, bowel or bladder).

Until now, the diagnosis required a minor surgical procedure to remove, from the uterus, the cells may have colonized other organs.

Teams Ian Fraser (University of Sydney) and Moamar A-Jefout (Mu'tah University, Karak, Jordan) offer a simpler and less risky method: a sample of cells taken directly from the wall of the uterus itself , through the vagina - so without surgery - may be sufficient to diagnose endometriosis.

For the presence of nerve fibers in this sample would detect, with a reliability of nearly 100%, the existence of the disease, says the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) in a statement.

In another study, also published online Wednesday by the European medical journal Human Reproduction, researchers from Belgium and Hungary show that the density of nerve fibers in the endometrium of women with endometriosis is 14 times higher than in those without the disease.

Identify, through three different markers, the presence of these nerve fibers within the wall of the uterus itself would therefore, according to the researchers predict reliability of almost 100% presence of the same forms of minimum endometriosis.

"Our test was diagnosed with endometriosis, the 95% sensitivity (proportion of positives correctly identified) and 100% specificity (proportion of negative cases correctly identified)," notes Professor Thomas D'Hooghe (Coordinator of the fertility center University of Louvain, Belgium), which is scheduled to launch in September a new study to confirm these results.

Although the risks of surgery can be avoided to diagnose the disease, surgery will need to remove the endometrial cells colonize other organs.

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