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Menopause is a Disaster?

Menopause is a step change in the lives of women. Changes in physical, psychological, and in fertility in many other aspects of life.

Like any period of change, destabilization causes discomfort, it calls the questions and, if known benefit, promote re-enlignement in connection with the person you become. When we revolt against the changes, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to refocus. When we understand what happens, we try to adapt flexibly, you can enjoy the opportunity of life turning corners smoothly to new horizons.

Menopause, premenopause, perimenopause
Define a few terms for better understanding. MENOPAUSE is the permanent cessation of reproductive function. There are no more ovulation, hormonal changes more cyclical menstruating.

But this judgment is preceded by a slowdown characterized by ovulations increasingly rare, thus long cycles, which can be interspersed with short cycles, thus giving the menstrual irregularity. This period (a few years) is called perimenopause (pre meaning before) until menopause confirmed. As the last cycles can be long for several months, and we can not know exactly if there arise other, it does not confirm menopause normally one year after the last bleeding. As for the blood hormone tests to determine whether menopause is installed, it is usually necessary to repeat the meantime, due to possible turbulence

The PERIMENOPAUSE, (peri means around), an expression that doctors often use, includes all changes that a woman experiences in her body and her life, without direct reference to the reproductive function. These changes take place over several years before and after (so around) menopause itself.

Changes in premenopausal menstrual cycles
The first changes occur in the late thirties. They take the form of a change in menstruation itself, which can move suddenly spotting to heavy bleeding and vice versa, which can be shorter or longer than before. Because these changes are mild, many women do not even notice. Cycles can be as regular as before, but slightly shorter. For example, a woman who ranged from 29 to 31 days will now cycles 25-26 to 28-29 days.

During the quarantine, it may occur when ovulation cycles delay, so longer cycles. The regularity of the young woman gradually leaves room for variations increasingly large. The woman used to observe Serena by its fertility signs may be noted that last as long, but they are still observable, they are even more valuable if they can predict the current cycle will be short or long so avoid anxiety when menstruation cycles during long delays.

General Changes
It is not easy to differentiate the changes that are directly attributable to the perimenopause (thus decreases the hormonal) and those who depend simply aging and that we share with men. Muscles and skin lose tone, blood pressure, blood flow and cardiac function may disrupt the breasts and uterus, which were stimulated by cyclic hormones tend to sag, for the same reason, the vaginal wall thins and lubricates more difficult. Bones lose density and become more brittle.

Changes in mood
Some rumor would that menopausal women necessarily become a kind of witch aggressive or depressed. It is certain that the sense of loss of his fresh youth can grieve, especially that society values ​​the many smart and sprightly girl. It is feared that the life companion and men of the entourage away to "small youth." Women who have not satisfied their desires maternity worry that their fertility vanish.

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