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Angina pectoris, treatment

How aggressive and comprehensive treatment of angina is depends on how widespread and severe the condition is.

Lifestyle and self-treatment
On initial opplevlse of angina symptoms, or if symptoms are an unusual character - stronger, last longer or come in rest or with low physical activity - should health care professional to get this evaluated. Please call emergency 113 if that is the case.

Angina is a chronic condition, and most will therefore have experienced these symptoms before and they know why they come. In such cases, simple advice is often sufficient for the symptoms to slide over:

Stop the activity that may have triggered the symptoms, such as mowing the lawn, shoveling snow or other physical strain

Lie or sit down in a comfortable position with the head raised

Take nitroglycerin - either as a mouth spray or melt tablet - it generally gives quick relief
If the seizure is highly unsettling, a take one tablet of aspirin (Albyl-E, Magnyl-E, Aspirin, Aspirin). It has no intention to take a larger dose than 500 mg, which corresponds to an Aspirin tablet. If a user already Albyl-E Preventive it has no intention to take a second.

Quitting smoking affect prognosis as much as drug therapy in the long term. Passive smoking is almost as negative effect as if a smoker himself. A healthy diet with high fiber content should be sought. Increased intake of fish and fish oils provide better prognosis. Physical activity protects against coronary artery disease and increases the physical capacity. There is no evidence that antioxidants and vitamins have a protective effect.

Drug Therapy
Treatment consists of three main types of medication: Those who provide acute symptom relief, which prevents the pain without affecting the disease itself, and to prevent the development of disease.

The main symptom relieving medicines are nitrates, beta blockers and calcium channel blockers. These improves symptoms and exercise capacity, but does not prevent heart attack or death from coronary disease. Drugs to prevent heart disease, drugs used to treat high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol levels.

The treatment usually consists of

Nitroglycerin taken both as real medicine and the need to relieve or prevent chest pain
A preventive preparation - ex. beta blockers and / or calcium channel blocker
Aspirin (ASA) - ex. Albyl-E
A cholesterol-lowering preparation (statin)

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