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Spas: What do we talk about?


Water and bubbles, this is the recipe Spas whose success is growing in recent years. Yet the formula millennium. The Romans were indeed the first to have discovered the virtues baths. Spa stands for "Sanitas Per Aqua", that is to say "health through water". The Belgian town of Spa has been named by the Romans because of its numerous hot springs.

The term Spa is now primarily a marketing name. This term is actually used by the English to describe balneotherapy and hydrotherapy. Spas can also fill their bathtubs with thermal water as sea water or tap water ...! All Spas are nevertheless common to offer this touch of luxury that can not leave anyone indifferent. These institutes offer high-end beauty and care, massage and a warm and refined. It is not going to the spa as we thalasso. No question of finding curative, but rather a search for well-being and relaxation.

The Jacuzzi brothers' invention

The invention in 1956 of the first hydraulic pump by the Jacuzzi brothers, is the origin of this craze for water treatments. These Italian Americans create 300 J pump suitable for baths to alleviate rheumatic arthritis of one of the younger brothers. Hydromassage was born. Roy Jacuzzi propose in 1968 the first whirlpool system integrated directly into the tub. Called "Roman Bath", this bathtub sends high-pressure mixture of air and water. At the end of the decade, Jacuzzi offers products that can accommodate the largest number of people, with a heating system and water filtration, thus giving birth to the first modern Spa. The invention was so successful that Jacuzzi loses its capital to become a common name.

Care refined

Spas "resurrect" also old practices such as aromatherapy, as used by the Egyptians by the Romans), the therapeutic benefit is still debate. However, no doubt smelling essential oils in a piece saturated water vapor provides a rare treat, but may cause irritations or allergies. Long exposure or repeated too often are avoided.

Spas compete to offer original and unique care. Caudalie proposes a vinotherapy the heart of the vineyards of Ch√Ęteau Smith Haut Lafitte in Bordeaux. Some institutes offer affusion showers that simulate the runoff of rainwater on the body. Spa Five worlds together in one place "beauty rituals" and massages from North Africa, Asia Pacific and Japanese baths also offers aromas and flowers where we quench long to relax his muscles. Chromotherapy (that is to say, the clever use of colors in the treatment rooms) also on the rise. Nuxe also offers services based on herbal and cosmetic upscale. Many well-known places and run by the charming. A trend that shows no sign of abating.

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