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Cellulite is she a fatality? Solutions to treat

Are there solutions to cellulite orange peel installed?

Creams on the market "cellulite", the competition is fierce. Results? All that we can say is that the fact of massaging the affected areas drains water and tones the tissues. But it is not necessarily a panacea.

For several years, endermologie has the wind in its sails. This massage technique involves the now famous "palpate-roll" in a vacuum system perfected: it thus comes to the end of the cellulite resistant to diet and sport. "Just like massages and cellulite creams, treatment success is determined by monitoring the sessions and stop those techniques may quickly recover their cellulite."

What's new in the treatment of cellulite?

New treatments emerge, which combine rolling massage with laser and radiofrequency. "This is to address the heart of the problem," says Regine Bousquet-Rouaud. "Lipolysis eliminates the excessive fat, while the lasers and radiofrequency fibrosis affect connective tissue septa. This treatment stimulates the formation of new collagen more flexible and allows to densify the dermis to reduce the phenomenon of orange peel. The latest studies by ultrasound and magnetic resonance skin on the double technique have achieved very encouraging progress. "

Finally, you should know that liposuction is not a treatment against cellulite, but overcomes local fat deposits, such as "saddlebags or love handles."

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