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Cellulite called "orange peel" definition

With 98% of affected women, cellulite is often seen as a common fate. Unlike men, almost no woman escapes padded buttocks, thighs orange peel. Why this injustice? Due to a combination of genetic, nutritional, hormonal, venous and skin aging. The dermatologist says RĂ©gine Rouaud Bousquet-cellulite "enlarged lobules of adipose tissue, fibrosis of the connective tissue that spans lie between these lobules, water retention therein imprisoned and sagging skin or less important depending on the age. "

Causes and mechanisms of orange peel

Specifically, a diet rich in carbohydrates promotes fat storage. Carbohydrates, once converted into triglycerides, are housed directly in adipose tissue. The orange peel effect is compounded by the stiffening of the connective tissue fibers, these partitions across the adipose tissue between the muscles and skin. This fibrosis increases with age and associated with a decrease in skin elasticity, increases the effect padded. Venous insufficiency and varicose veins also promote cellulite by trapping water in the wrong places.

Finally: "Some hormonal phenomena emphasize the development of adipose tissue and the phenomena of water retention, which is why women keep cellulite even after a diet. Unsuitable pill containing estrogen and too some progestins may increase and cellulite, ".

Prevention of cellulite

Yes, it is possible to prevent the appearance of cellulite.

It must first be watching your diet, avoiding carbohydrates of rapid absorption (cakes, pizzas, chocolate bars and other goodies) and cheese, but also by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day to prevent water retention. It should also focus on physical activity seeking muscle areas affected by cellulite, like the famous "abdo buttocks." "The work of muscles limit the effect of tissue aging by improving local circulation, burns calories and prevents fat storage," says Regine Bousquet-Rouaud. It is best practice gymnastics or sport at least 3-4 hours per week in several sessions. Doubling the effort (one hour per day), it greatly improves the aesthetic correction ... but Will is this discipline?!

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