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Stretch Marks Solutions for treating

When dealing with stretch marks?

Stretch marks should be treated as soon as possible, when it is still pink or purple, that is to say when it is still in the inflammatory phase.

Treatments have less impact once it is installed and white. However, there is sometimes spontaneous reductions with a gradual decrease.

In additional cases, the Stretch Mark is an immense injury, one or two centimeters in a very big way, and sometimes to a dozen centimeters.

Typical treatment for stretch marks?

"They are used as a treatment cream that can be useful, as can be seen in the market. They penetrate deeply into the skin and they are the most effective concentration of active ingredient than" Judge Cohen-Letessier Anny.  "However, we can not say today that there is a standard treatment that makes consensus for all dermatologists," she says. "Several methods are available to them. '

Care techniques used by dermatologists

Some resort to microabrasion followed by peeling, others with pulsed dye laser. Some doctors combine the laser treatment with a radiofrequency treatment to firm skin tissue and subcutaneous.

The infrared lasers in turn stimulates the synthesis of collagen to restore the elasticity of the skin and reduce defects that characterize the scar reliefs.

Whatever the method used, it is clear that the stretch mark is resisting. Patients should nevertheless prove combative, and especially not delay to consult a dermatologist to give them every opportunity to mitigate these scars, failing to make them disappear.

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