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Definition of peeling


Peeling is to destroy more or less deep layers of the epidermis, the skin surface to the junction, dermis, to erase the reliefs (wrinkles, enlarged pores, scars) and clarify the complexion.

It is achieved by physical means, such as cold (dry ice with cryopeeling) with some lasers or by chemical (acid). Today, the term is usually reserved for peeling chemical peels.

How does the peeling

The action takes place in three phases:

1. Preparatory phase (1-4 weeks): application home "cosmeceuticals" (lotions both "cosmetic" and "therapeutic") to dilute the "glue" that sticks the skin cells together. This facilitates the peeling to come.
2. Intervention: Using a cotton swab, the practitioner applied to the skin an acid solution which destroys the superficial cells. When it considers that sufficient cell layers were destroyed, it stops the action of the acid using a basic solution that neutralizes it. Following the indications or the thickness of the area to be treated, the nature of the acid and its concentration vary.
3. Postoperative phase: application home cosmeceuticals moisturizing properties (for "resolder" cells) and soothing.

For a superficial peel, the treatment is spread over several sessions (2-4). Medium or deep peels are performed in a single session.

Risks and disadvantages of peeling

The risks and disadvantages of peeling are:

  • Frequent and transient redness (erythema) persistent feelings of "cooking", edema;
  • Rare, sometimes reversible after reoperation: abnormal coloration ("discoloration") homogeneous or heterogeneous with light spots (hypochromia) or darker (hyperchromia). These anomalies occur either because the skin was unprepared or inadequately performed, or in case of premature sun exposure. Darker skin are at greater risk (see cons-indications). To mitigate this risk, the peels are always made in winter, between October and April;
  • Very rare and irreversible if the peeling is too deep, the acid destroys the dermis, the skin loses its ability to regenerate. The peel is then the same effect as burning.

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