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Physical activity 50-75 years and Free Tips

Physical activity in old age: what we talking about it?

Physical activity includes exercises everyday life (transport, household work) and less frequent exercises that are sports and recreation. Not all have the same effect on health, especially from the fifties, when entering the third age. "At the turn of the vitality, regular physical activity even low delay the effects of aging," says the collective expertise on the subject by INSERM (May 2008).

It gives life to years and years to life. Could this be the fountain of youth? It is not far to long to learn and adapt its ambition with its possibilities: fitness is always improvable even to old age.

What are the health issues?

They are significant because of the aging population. The "Aging Well" 2007-2009 Ministry of Health plans and provide an Internet directory information on structures, associations and sports clubs offer senior friendly practices to the public.

This is not the 50-75 years completely shun exercise: 46% of 50-75 years engage in physical activity and sport at least once in the year. Among these assets, 80% practiced at least once a week, 19% belong to a club, 9% participate in competitions (15% of men and 3% of women) according to expertise Inserm. Can do better!

What should I be wary?

It should remain moderate phase of physiological decline, even if you are tempted by the exploits. Competition sports is discouraged unless a training supervised by physicians with appropriate stress tests, because it causes a stress and anxiety damaging organs aging. To book for those who exceed full knowledge of the risks.

Under what circumstances should you consult an expert?

Before embarking on a program of activities, sports sports or less must make an assessment of physical abilities with his doctor. Consultation with the cardiologist is required from 50 years. That the sports physician specialist may be a regulatory framework (aviation, diving).

Sports instructors are trained coaching advice, at least when starting the sport. Gestures to sports very technical and / or hazardous environments always require an expert monitor paragliding, diving, climbing ...

Physical activity 50-75 years Tips

How to get the best physical activity between 50 and 75 years?

Through the collective expertise of physical activity by INSERM (May 2008), it is possible to make clear recommendations and argued.

1. Fight against muscle wasting due to age.

Two ways to do this: eat enough protein and keep a minimum of muscle activity.

Proteins are not toxic for older people, as their kidneys are working well. It does not make muscles from sugars or fats, but from proteins: the recommendation is to eat as many grams of protein per day that weighs kilograms.

For example, a woman aged 55 and 62 kg must absorb 62 g / d of protein. It can take in meat, fish, starches, dairy products. Eating red meat also provides iron to fight against anemia that weakens muscles. Eating dairy also provides calcium to fight against osteoporosis weakens bones. The relative lack of these two classes is to provide food as fat, calories therefore always enemies of menopausal women, who rightly take to keep their shape and weight. A good reason to move more!

The exercise will be described in endurance, long-term effort of mild to moderate resistance is in the short-term intense exercise can be repeated several times in the playoffs. Prevention of muscle wasting requires use both. It does not benefit the best efforts resistance if we also practice endurance efforts.
For example, it must involve walking (endurance) to gymnastics and strength training (resistance). Tailored training programs are offered by the Federation of exercise and voluntary gymnastics (FFEPGV) that covers the entire country with a well trained staff. A good place to find out if you have not already done so (see links).

2. Keep a good cardiovascular condition.

No mystery, the function creates the organ, this is particularly true for the heart and blood vessels. It is endurance activity is favored. However, if you want to enjoy some entertainment performances (which are of great importance for the joy of living), it should involve resistance activities on a regular basis. For this purpose, prior consultation with the physician is essential. The cardiological assessment is strongly recommended with at best a stress test.

Physical activity improves cardiac output therefore the achievable performance level. It reduces the use of drugs in cardiac and diabetes. Controlling and lowering blood pressure resting, it significantly reduces the risk of cerebrovascular accident (CVA).

3. Prevent osteoporosis and falls.

Osteoporosis that installs with aging makes bones fragile so brittle. The loss of bone protein adds to this risk. Exercise causes pressure harmonious in every sense of the bones and maintains this pressure triggers the process of calcification. Pressure on the bones also causes bone deformities in inharmonious situations: overweight, repeated force activities (moving, carrying heavy loads, ...). Without pressure bone astronauts in microgravity to decalcify at full speed because they weigh more than their bones. The daily weight is imperative for them. Bedridden people to decalcify similarly, they must make the physiotherapy service.

Exercise strengthens the confidence and re-educates the postural adaptation during movements. The slow exercises like Tai Chi, are a priori good postural therapists ... waiting official evidence that they reduce falls among the elderly.

4. Maintain the physical well-being and mental health.
Physical fitness is the basis of well-being and preservation of mental abilities (cognition). More physical activity, the higher the quality of life scores are high among people over 70 years. It is the activity in which endurance is the most profitable welfare.

The brain benefits of physical activity through environmental enrichment of life in mental and social stimulation through better blood she gives him. 3:00 With exercise per week and reduces its decline (cerebrovascular cognitive) of 61% at 2 years (study movies). Compared to people who fold increase or maintain physical activity reduces by 3.6 times the decline brain.

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