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Constipation Prevention and Preparing consultation

Constipation Prevention

With what should we not confuse constipation?
With intestinal obstruction, which is easily distinguished by signs suggestive: pain (colic) usually sudden intense installation, abdominal bloating, gas barrier, vomiting more or less important. This is an emergency medical-surgical.

Y is there a possible prevention of constipation simple?

Yes, in all cases, a balanced diet rich in fiber is essential: bran, whole wheat and rye, fresh fruit except bananas, dried fruits, vegetables, except potatoes.

Dietary fiber increases stool frequency, improve their consistency and reduce the consumption of laxatives. Their effects are less pronounced in the case of terminal constipation and onset of action is longer than laxatives. The necessary daily dose of fibers is 15 to 20 grams.

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle by simple physical activities (walking to work, or shopping, etc.).
For not wanting to go to the bathroom when there is neither time nor toilets, we can educate his gut.
Get up early for breakfast has time to trigger a bowel movement before going to work. It should also be submitted to the saddle fixed time without envy at the beginning, never force (just sit quietly 10 minutes) to condition the bowel to relieve the "right time of day."

Self-medication with laxatives should remain occasional and prudent because some herbal (senna) can be toxic to the gastrointestinal tract if used for prolonged periods.

Constipation Preparing consultation

When do you consult?
When constipation sounds on the quality of life in unusual disorders (constipation, diarrhea), when there is blood in the stools, or abdominal pain. Or as to make a systematic assessment: around 50 years, and as directed by the physician.

How to prepare for the consultation with the doctor?
List the circumstances triggering if any: emotional trauma, surgery, changing your diet (travel), medicines, new lifestyles (sedentary), professional imperative making it impossible to go to the bathroom.
Recapitulation of all medications is essential, not forgetting to self-medicate.

What is the doctor?
It is a comprehensive review to ensure that constipation is simple and isolated. Inspection of the anus is necessary to search for anal fissures or hemorrhoids with a digital rectal exam, and women a vaginal search for an alteration of the perineum.

Further explorations are justified only if the constipation is associated with a more generalized disease (eg hypothyroidism or diabetes), trauma (childbirth decaying) or search for a tumor. They include colonoscopy in the first place, possibly a barium enema or CT colonography according to the choice of specialist gastroenterologist consulted.

The exploration of transit through the specialist may require ingestion of a capsule videoscopic (recovered in the feces) or small quoits radiopaque followed by plain radiographs of the abdomen until their evacuation.

The study of pressures digestive (gastrointestinal manometry) may also be part of the demands of specialist or a defecography (imaging by opacification of the bowel).

The clinical practice guidelines of the National Society of Gastroenterology is to treat the cause ... when it is one! Even when this is the case, the prescription of a neuroleptic or diabetes, it is not always easy to oust him.

In idiopathic constipation trivial (no particular cause) laxatives and fiber rich food hygiene are proposed, and the abstention of the thrust to the saddle. Dietary counseling may be helpful.

In the case of defecation disorders terminals, rehabilitation sphincter may be considered. Not to mention the psychological counseling when there are mental disorders, maltreatment, sexual abuse ...

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