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How do you know when you are stressed?

It is constantly stressed, because stress is a natural constraint necessary adaptation to the conditions of life ... except when the stress becomes tedious, repetitive, inescapable and undesirable. This is actually the inability of our body and its functions to adapt to these difficult tasks that will generate a situation known as a simplified, negative stress generator diseases.

Are there periods more favorable stress? 

Paradoxically, it is often in the preparation of a period of rest and relaxation (vacation) that the individual feels more stress. This phenomenon is linked to an accumulation during the active period (stressful) many constraints whose consequences are felt rather at the time of complacency and effort on the part of our organization is a kind of decompensation with increase the sensitivity of our organization to the most common tasks.

Can you permanently cure stress? 

When stress is experienced as a stimulus (a kind of doping), it is called positive and it can help to stimulate the functions of the individual who does not complain. However, from the moment that a constraint stress becomes boring and repetitive, it is best to remove and avoid. Even if the stress (or the difficulty) is not declared as a direct cause of disease, it is scientifically accepted as a risk factor in many diseases.

Ways to escape stress
To better manage stressful situations, there is much talk of the work of breathing, which helps restore the body awareness and breathing and cardiovascular smoother. For example, the principles of yoga, Qi Gong or even relaxation therapy can help control the body through breathing and concentration.

If the key is to regain self-control on the physical plane, it is also true for the mind. This is why it is essential to provide time for pleasure and recreation, whether it's yoga, dance, travel, meetings, painting, reading, knitting or choral singing.

Stress prevention through healthy lifestyles understood. Must still kind enough attention to yourself to find out what resources and revitalizes his person ...

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