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Liposuction of silhouette

Liposuction: What do we talk about?

Liposuction or "liposuction" is to suck the fat under the skin through a cannula connected to a vacuum: it is done through a small hole in the skin with a trocar (3 to 4 mm). By moving back and forth, the surgeon forms a regular network of tunnels that respects the vessels and nerves and it takes deep and superficial fat at 4 to 6 liters on average for each operation.

Development of liposuction can suck almost all regions of the body: the thighs, the inner thighs, knees, abdomen, hips, arms, ankles, back ribs, calves, the front of the thigh, cheeks, jowls, neck ...

What are the uses (indications) of liposuction?

The indications are very large: after pregnancy or obesity surgery for example. Liposuction is aimed at young women with small unsightly fat deposits in overweight women (stabilized) who fail to lose weight despite adequate diets.

There are also women in menopause and men after fifty which inevitably gain weight over the years (one kilo per year on average). They can benefit from liposuction preventive small successive different parts of the body. This stops weight gain in these areas by taking a portion of fat cells (adipocytes).

How is the procedure?

Before the intervention, two surgery consultations spaced at least 15 days are required, and a visit by the anesthetist (72 hours minimum). Medical photographs are always performed. The risks of this procedure are minimal, only stopping aspirin is imperative. Stopping the pill one month before the intervention is not systematic.

The procedure is performed on an empty stomach still under general anesthesia. It takes 1 to 2 hours depending on the size of liposuction, hospitalization is usually 24 hours. Two to seven days off work is recommended.

A bandage compresses the protruding areas and is replaced after a few days by a compression garment elastic fabric (for panty saddlebags) to wear day and night for 2-4 weeks. The son nonabsorbable are removed after 4-8 days. It is usually possible to shower the next day.

Monitoring consists of four visits at 1, 3 and 6 months and 1 year. From 3 months but the result can be appreciated. At 6 months, it is final.

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