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Liposuction of silhouette Practical information

What are the risks and disadvantages of liposuction?

Pain, bruising to type, accompanied by fatigue during the following days. They are easily relieved by simple analgesics (paracetamol, anti-inflammatory, never aspirin) and rarely persist beyond 48 hours. Disorder susceptibility party sucked (numbness, hypersensitivity) may persist several months.

Edema regions still sucked few months 4-5 for the ankles. Bruising ("blue"), does not resolve within 15 days to 3 weeks.

As for the scars, they are discreet or invisible (3 mm maximum) for small liposuction performed well (2-3 the maximum fat removed), even though they are red and visible in the first few weeks. Ell es must be protected from the sun during the first year. Their evolution is unpredictable.

General anesthesia is practiced today has no risk. In strict aseptic conditions, infections are rare. Thromboembolic events (phlebitis, pulmonary embolism) are reduced by up early postoperative compression stockings, a possible anticoagulant therapy. It is recommended not to fly within 6 weeks after surgery.

Necrosis of the skin, lymphatic effusion are rare.

As for excessive corrections, surface irregularities, look bumpy, sagging skin, worsening the "orange peel", they depend on the quality of the skin but also the experience of the surgeon.

What are the time, cost and reimbursement?

The patient receives a quote "an act concerning medical and surgical aesthetic purposes" or signed by the surgeons to perform all or part of the operation, according to Decree No. 2005-777 of 11 July 2005. Follows a period of reflection incompressible mandatory 15-day required informed consent of the patient.
Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery act. Therefore, it is not supported by the Health Insurance (either by mutual), outside of rare cases following a massive chokes obesity surgery including after application prior agreement with the CPAM.

The surgeon's fee varies between 1500 and 5000 euros (they depend on the volume of fat aspirated) plus the costs of hospitalization.

Practicing liposuction?

At the public hospital or private clinic accredited, the surgeon must always have the specialty of "plastic surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic 'recognized by the Council of the College of Physicians.
Other surgeons are qualified to perform cosmetic surgery in the limited context of their anatomical specialty maxillofacial surgery, for example.

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