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What are the main criteria for choosing a mineral water?

In general, water with low or moderate mineral ized are recommended for family use daily, making sure to vary the water. Weakly mineralized waters and hyposodées are preferable for infants, pregnant women and people suffering from urinary stones. While highly mineralized water should not be consumed every day, but according to a health goal, needs high mineral deficiencies or risk.

Is there any risk of pollution of natural mineral waters? 

The risk of surface pollution in areas of minimal emergence visited by the establishment of highly protected areas around springs and wells from which water is used. On the other hand, studies are often conducted to identify areas where infiltrating rainwater will then be captured. They are very useful for the protection of mineral water for example, managers of major sources to encourage farmers working on these seepage areas identified, practicing sustainable agriculture (fertilizers, pesticides).

Can we consider that the deeper mineral waters are protected from possible pollution?

Zero risk does not exist, but the controls are very numerous. Studies undertaken to restore the flow of underground water - from rain seeps to the sources - also aim to estimate the time they take to complete this course. This enables managers in case of accidental pollution in the area of ​​infiltration, ie the time they have to react. Travel time underground amounting usually decades or even centuries or even millennia ...

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