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Water: only essential drink my baby

Babies have a body sensitive and need attention. In Indeed, the water represents 70% of their body weight and their immune system is immature. This is why the Infants need a pure water and very slightly mineralized with residue Dry below 50 mg / l. Mineral overload can cause diarrhea, they will in turn create a state of dehydration. Similarly, because their immune system is still immature, they require water low nitrate and sulphate.

The tips & tricks Baby must drink regularly and in sufficient quantity, presenting him a glass with meals, after naps or output the square.

Water needs by age 1-6 months:
1-6 months: 90 ml / kg / day
6 to 18 months: 80 ml ​​/ kg / day
2-5 years: 70 ml / kg / day
after 5 years: 60 ml / kg / day

Above 30 ° C (ambient temperature):
30 ml / kg per additional degree.

Under certain conditions, it is even necessary to increase the regularity water intakes:

  • When riding in car
  • In the overheated local
  • In case of fever, diarrhea.

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