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Main properties of mineral waters

Magnesian waters: helpful for stress, fatigue, spasms, constipation, my magnesium deficiency (restrictive diets, intensive sport ...).

Calcic: indicated in cases of high needs (childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, lactation, menopause, elderly).

Waters rich in potassium: are useful in cases of fatigue, insomnia.
Fluoridated water: involved in the prevention of dental caries and bone strength and bone.

Do not exceed a daily intake of 1 mg / day of fluoride because of excessive fluoride may affect the quality of dental enamel (fluorosis).

Waters poor in sodium recommended in cases of hypertension or water retention.
Aerated waters bicarbonate: aid digestion and soothe heartburn with antacid properties of sodium bicarbonate. Also useful in sports to fight against the acidity produced by the muscle during exercise.

Water rich in sulphates: facilitate intestinal transit.

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