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Venous Compression Stockings

Stockings: Definition

Low having sufficient elasticity to compress the leg, and the deficiency of alternate vein walls. There are also sticky tape and restraints.

Stockings: Physiology

The vein walls (such as arteries) consists of three coats:

  • The endothelium
  • The media
  • The adventitia
The veins function to return blood to the heart. They have valves causing blood to flow from the periphery to the center of the body, that is to say, to the heart (i.e., the area inwards). The venous circulation of the lower limbs is composed of deep venous circulation and the superficial venous circulation (long and short saphenous veins). Both systems are connected by communicating veins. This is the network that is responsible for superficial varicose veins. When the flow of blood (venous reflux) is important, he moved to the inside of the vein responsible for voltage disturbances on all small vessels (microcirculation) and the skin, resulting in chronic venous insufficiency .

Stockings: Treatment
Stockings for varicose facilitate the return of blood inside the veins. The blood goes from the periphery (end) to the heart. The stockings also by promoting the venous return, to avoid the formation of clots (prevention of phlebitis) blood. This is especially true in the aftermath of surgery on the lower limbs. Established in latex and sold in pharmacies, the bottom varices must be threaded before sunrise and after keeping the legs elevated a few minutes. It must be removed before the night.

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