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AIDS publishes the first results of its offer rapid testing

World Day of fight against AIDS December 1, 2012.
Results embargoed I ntil November 28 at 12:00.

AIDS publishes the first results of its offer rapid testing.

A new device, efficiency undeniable. Tested and approved.

On the eve of the World Day of fight against AIDS, AIDS delivers the first results of its actions screening implemented in 2012.

Rate of new diagnoses far superior to conventional testing facilities, the ability to reach audiences who have never used the test quality supply universally recognized:
This initial assessment confirms the relevance of our screening activist.

Early detection Community:
a victory for the fight against AIDS and HIV.

Authorized by decree in November 2010, rapid testing performed by non-physicians (also called TROD1) was combat longstanding AIDS.

This new tool is now deployed throughout the country, and is intended primarily to communities most exposed to the AIDS virus: gay (or MSM: men who have sex with men), populations 'African and Caribbean, trans people, drug users etles dusexe workers.

These population groups represented last year over 70% of new HIV diagnoses.

A particular vulnerability is due to a high prevalence in communities traversed by strong social inequalities in health.

Trivialize the screening to the epidemic. Screening and treatment are now at the heart of the preventive arsenal against HIV.

In France, 30,000 to 40,000 people are unaware of their HIV status. They endanger their knowledge and contribute to the dynamics of the epidemic.

Conversely, a person support early preserves his health and that of its partners.

Allowing each to be tested regularly to know their status and eventually heal, we avoid new infections and breaks lasting dynamics of the epidemic.

The rapid test, how does it work?

After a conversation around sexuality and means of prevention, our trained militants collect a drop of blood at your fingertips. The result is issued in minutes, confidentially.

Whatever result everyone can benefit from personalized support.
With this simple device, mobile and free, we ALA meeting people directly on their living spaces.

With very encouraging results. Helping people to remain negative. This is another major objective of the screening services offered by AIDS.

The interview, conducted peer, freeing the voice of the people tested.

Exchanging with them without taboos on sexual practices and risk-taking, our members help people to improve their level of protection.

We see this as important as maintenance voluntary screening itself.

With this trust and the freedom of speech, people also find it easier to return to be tested.

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