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Anus (itching): Definition and Treatment

Anus (itching): Definition

The discomfort of the skin around the anus, causing an absolute necessity to have to scratch, can have many origins. The area around the anus is hot and humid. Indeed, there is no place in this ventilation. There is other excessive sweating, which promote the deleterious atmosphere. Finally, a microbial seed mass is constant around the anus.

Anus (itching): Treatment

  • Do not use cream, ointment with the exception of medical clearance
  • Avoid stimulants (alcohol, coffee, tobacco, vinegar, mustard, pepper, chilli etc ...)
  • Have a healthy diet containing enough fruits and vegetables
  • Have regular bowel movements, taking care to drink enough fluids throughout the day

  • It is necessary to keep the anal area antiseptic by washing with a mild soap in the morning and evening. Rinse with clean water is very important.
  • Avoid rubbing directly anus with soap or a rough glove. Cleaning of this area should be done with the hand covered or neutral soap containing sweet almond oil (non-chemical origin, that is to say, natural).
  • Outside it is advisable to have wet wipes, type toilettine.
  • Wiping with dry paper and rigid course against formally-specified. If necessary moisten the paper before wiping.
  • Careful drying of the anus whenever possible, especially in children
  • In case of itching and scratching during the night, it is sometimes necessary to wear protective gloves.
  • Psychotherapeutic consultation

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