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Placental Prevention

With what should we be confused?

Several causes are mentioned before bleeding during the third trimester of pregnancy. Placenta previa (placenta inserted too low) causes bleeding of bright red blood, no pain. Bleeding may be of local origin (cervix).

The pain may also reflect different causes: renal colic, acute pancreatitis but also acute appendicitis.

Is there a prevention possible placental abruption?

There is a preventive treatment of recurrence in women with a history of placental abruption.

Otherwise, regular monitoring (ultrasound, blood pressure, urine dipstick ...) to quickly detect delamination.

All abdominal trauma is of course banned.

Placental Preparing consultation

Placental abruption: when consulted?

Any bleeding in the third quarter or abdominal pain is unusual and important motivating consultation in emergency obstetrical setting. An early care and adapted from placental often allows to reach the end of pregnancy without complications.

What is the doctor?

The doctor confirmed the clinical suspicion of placental abruption or placental abruption. The uterus is contracted abdominal palpation, with a fundal height increased.

If a vaginal examination is done, he finds a lower segment of the uterus hard and tense, with a modified collar (early work).

Signs of hemorrhagic shock are seeking (pallor, rapid pulse of the mother ...).
The ultrasound shows the hematoma and appreciates the approximate volume, it eliminates the diagnosis of placenta previa and judge the vitality of the fetus.

Blood tests will allow to check the coagulation, blood loss and other abnormalities.
The treatment is both réanimatoire for the mother (compensation of blood loss, low blood pressure if necessary) and obstetrics. Caesarean section under general anesthesia is needed quickly if the fetus is alive and showing signs of suffering. The vaginal delivery is sometimes suggested. After delivery, the uterus is systematic and the absence of residues control placentas.

How to prepare my next visit?

Given the potential severity of the abruption, it is essential to strictly follow the recommendations, particularly strict rest. Report any pain, even minimal bleeding or other symptoms.

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