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From the maternity

From the maternity: what are the symptoms?

It was all a clear picture in mind when you go to the maternity ward to give birth, whether sweetened or catastrophic. But in real life, what are the signs that should decide the starting motherhood?

You must leave for the maternity when you lost water and / or you have regular contractions ... and you are at least 8 months of pregnancy.

This is the classic pattern, since you eventually. These days, the baby has relied heavily on the pass, which has been softened, thinned. The amniotic sac in which the baby is broke under pressure and you felt a warm flow. It is time to go to the maternity without waiting contractions too close together.

Why? Because the baby is no longer in the sterile environment and that can contracting an infection that will cause danger. For the same reason, do not especially bath and prefer to travel longer.

Anyway, the contractions caused by oxytocin, approach (every 5 minutes) and become more painful and regular as the uterus center shortens, softens and opens gradually.

You must leave for the maternity when you lost water (without contractions) at any time during pregnancy.

Lose water does not necessarily mean that labor is imminent. It is simply a sign that the bag is much weakened and she did not need to break uterine contractions. Appointment anyway maternity, since the baby is no longer protected from possible infections.

Here, the medical team will put you under surveillance until the onset of labor. In 90% of cases, the work (that is to say, the early contractions called "effective") begins naturally within twelve hours after the rupture of the amniotic sac. If, however, this was not the case, an injection of hormones designed to cause contractions you would be administered 12 to 24 hours later.

In parallel, antibiotics are often advocated for the mother to prevent infection to the baby. In any case, do not worry: the baby's urine will supply the amniotic fluid, which can anyway not flow too quickly because of the baby's head that "mouth hole" blocks the cervix.

You must leave for the maternity when you're not in the long term and you have contractions.

Having contractions during pregnancy is normal (up to 10 per day on average) they can prepare the body for childbirth. But here, it is real contractions more painful and regular than usual. These contractions are not necessarily labor contractions, but they can be a sign of a urinary tract infection for example, which could put the baby at risk. Anyway, you should go to the maternity quickly to implement a medical surveillance by monitoring the baby.

Most often, it is not too serious: we advise the mother to rest, even to bed until the end.

Should I go to the maternity if the contractions stop?

You are ultimately here about 2 hours you have contractions every 5 minutes, you have not lost the water ... but you think it's time to go to avoid giving birth at home in disaster. Do not panic if: take an antispasmodic, soak in a hot bath and feel the effects ... Everything stops: it is a false start.

These contractions are not labor contractions, but contractions normal late pregnancy that allow the "maturation" of the cervix (soften, shorten) to prepare for childbirth ... which will come a little later.

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