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Nasal hygiene

Nasal hygiene: What do we talk about?

Nasal hygiene includes best practices for maintaining a healthy ENT (ear, nose and throat). Indeed, the area ear-nose-throat forming a whole, a good nasal hygiene can protect against various diseases, including otitis media and nasopharyngitis.

How to have a good nasal hygiene?

A good nasal hygiene begins with a healthy life: sports and leisure activities help prevent ear infections, as well as the regular airing of the home, the lack of "dust traps" (carpets, carpets ...), humidifying the atmosphere in case of dry heat and, of course, no smoking, active or passive.

But a good nasal hygiene also requires regular cleaning, non-aggressive nasal. Not only in case of cold or stuffy nose, but every day, as well as oral hygiene or personal hygiene. Should therefore nose and conduct regular face washes with saline or the seawater

What to do in case of a blocked nose?

In case of cold, simply washing the nose with saline may be sufficient to prevent secondary bacterial infection. But we can also perform fumigations, based on a simple principle: to destroy the virus by the high temperature of the steam (effective if it exceeds 50 ° C). They also enable more fluid secretions and better expel blowing his nose. Some herbal products are recognized for their essential bactericidal and antiseptic, such as eucalyptus, have proven effective. Care must be taken in the right dosage of essential oils to avoid irritation mucosa.

When should you consult your doctor?

When the cold degenerates and is accompanied by headache, throat or ear treatments and self-service in pharmacies provide no improvement, consult your doctor.

In addition to paracetamol, it may prescribe nasal drops available only on prescription. The principle is simple: shrink the nasal mucosa to release the air stream and restore a normal nasal breathing. Make sure you comply with the prescription of your doctor and do not exceed the duration of treatment.

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