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Three questions for hygiene

1 - At what age can you teach hygiene to a child?

The hygiene education actually begins at the cleanliness, which represents the first acquisition of education, that is to say 18 months. It is based on three basic principles: exemplary (it's like his parents), play and fun. If you scold him or we try to force it, it will only rob the.

2 - How to deal with a recalcitrant child?

He leads by example and is introduced in a playful learning. For example, there soaps fun with objects inside that we discover the use, toothbrushes that change color ... It is valued, it is shown that grows, he leaves the initiative as well. And for washing hands, he explains that it is like that, that does not pass without having own table. It remains firm without dramatizing.

3 - How do I become an automatic hygiene (washing hands before and after eating / toilet ...)?

It is learning that becomes a ritual: if the bases are given from an early age, the child does not mind because he knows that it is the rule. The notion is natural and even washing associated with well-being and pleasure do as adults.

Risks posed by poor hygiene

Cavities can crack from the age of two and a half years in case of lack of hygiene. Proper brushing at least twice a day from the first teeth and an annual visit to the dentist can treat oral infections as they arise and limit interventions.


Which school has not been the target of lice? We can say that there are "head lice", lack of hygiene is equally crucial. To avoid this, nothing like monitor your child's hair, brush and comb every day. Wash hair regularly and avoid the exchange of hats and scarves. Finally, change the linen bedding every week.


Phobia of parents, to that found in the feces often start when children begin to wipe alone ... more or less consciously. Regularly check your child's stool and ask your doctor to administer an anthelmintic prevention once or twice per year.

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