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Clean his ears

Hygiene ears: What is it?

The term includes best practices for maintaining a healthy ENT (ear, nose and throat). Indeed, the area ear-nose-throat forming a whole, a good ear hygiene helps to protect against various diseases, including ear or earwax.

How to clean his ears?
Normally, the ear canal is self-cleaning wax since it alone product flows outward after completing its protective function. Regular cleaning nonaggressive flag and the entrance of the ear canal is necessary, however, especially in case of "overproduction" of earwax, ear canal narrow or abundance of hair.

This cleaning is done using a cotton swab adapted to the shape of the duct (normal or "special children") and shall in no case be likened to a "sweeping" the ear canal. Indeed, a too intense cleaning pushes the bottom of the conduit and the cerumen naturally causes plugs.

Definition of cerumen

Earwax is a substance produced by the ear that resembles a natural wax. It has several protective functions: it allows both to protect the ear from dust and germs and lubricate the external tympanum.

The production of earwax is not a problem in itself since usually drains naturally. However, caps are formed due to excessive production really, an inflammation of the ear caused by inadequate cleaning or misuse of the cotton swab. Symptoms similar to deafness (plug absorbs sounds like balls antinoise) or tinnitus.

When treating a earwax?

As soon as you feel discomfort or hearing strange noises that evoke a cerumen. Depending on the type of plug, its location and volume, the GP removes the cap itself or refer you to an ENT.

After instillation of ear drops or warm water into the ear canal, the practitioner removes the cap with a microgripper, a special ring, a pen or a vacuum system, with the help of a microscope for a consultation greater accuracy.

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