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The hygiene: definition

The hygiene includes good practices relating to the anogenital region, this place of communication between the outside world and the internal organs (devices urinary tract and genital).

The body has its own natural defenses (normal vaginal flora), a fault or, more rarely, excessive hygiene can disrupt. Associated with perspiration, maceration, the strain, the contribution of germs or viruses, these bad practices create conditions favorable to the emergence (development) of certain diseases harmful to health, well-being and intimate relationships of the individual.

How his personal hygiene?

Good personal hygiene is based on the principle of "neither too much nor too little."

One full day is enough toilet, except in cases of excessive sweating in hot weather or after physical exertion. For this purpose, prefer the shower bath, which tends to soften the tissues and dehydrate the skin when taken daily. Avoid washing with soap and water limestone repetitive alter the protective film of the skin.

Be sure to rinse the area intimately and always dry with a clean, dry, reserved for this purpose and is only used by you.

Avoid douching. The vaginal environment ensuring his own protection, this practice ends up having the opposite effect to that intended and weakens the lining.

Do not use any detergent, cleaner too. Prefer breads, creams or oils tailored to the female physiology at neutral pH (pH 7), which does not disturb the natural acidity: dye free soap, soap-free dermatological breads or products recommended by your doctor or pharmacist.

What underwear to wear?

In general, avoid underwear promoting moisture, perspiration, maceration and therefore the development of fungal infections. Prefer cotton underwear. Change it at least once a day, more frequently in the case of sweating.

Do not keep wet bathing suit on you!

Avoid repetitive friction from tight clothing (jeans, strings ...) that cause strain.

Finally, for a complete hygiene, wash your underwear at 60 ° C with a suitable detergent, possible to eradicate fungi that cause fungal infections.

What should I be wary?

The hygiene goes hand in hand with hygiene. It can not be overemphasized regular handwashing (before and after using the bathroom in particular), a personal hygiene before and after sex, sexual practices and behaviors daily avoiding contact with germs anal genitals. It should wipe from front to back for women, for example, do the piercing or shaving on a clean and sanitized ...

When should you consult your doctor?

You must never let it evolve injury or pelvic infection without medical advice: painful sensations, burning on urination, difficulty urinating, discharge unpleasant local inflammatory signs, erythema (redness), pruritus (itching), buttons ...

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