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Miscarriage: definition

Talking about miscarriage when pregnancy ends spontaneously without voluntary maneuvers. This miscarriage can be silent (no special sign perceptible) or be accompanied by symptoms: bleeding, contractions and / or n expulsio all or part of the egg. Before 12-14 weeks of gestation (WG or weeks since last menstrual period), we speak of early miscarriage, then late miscarriage.

Who is affected by miscarriage?

An estimated 20% of conceptions (fertilized ovum) lead to a miscarriage, a portion of which goes unnoticed by the woman. In 2005, 180,000 women were consulted for a miscarriage. Any woman can have a miscarriage without being "cursed" and is a natural hazard of life.

Some women make repeated miscarriages, then we practice a balance to find an explanation. Apart from diseases that interfere with pregnancy, a woman is not more prone to miscarriages another. But the risk of miscarriage increases with age, and the more we advance in pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage decreases.

Origins and causes of miscarriage

Each case is unique and it is difficult to make a list of all possible causes of miscarriages. The best known are a chromosomal abnormality, a mechanical problem (fibroids, polyps, uterine septum ...), infection (toxoplasmosis, listeriosis, septicemia) or a general medical condition K (thyroid problems, autoimmune disease such as lupus or diabetes) . Coagulation disorders cause miscarriages.

Symptoms and signs of a miscarriage

A miscarriage is accompanied by visible symptoms of uterine colic (painful spasms as delivery) which expel the egg death with late pregnancy bleeding. When there is no bloody losses is that the egg has not been expelled: then performed his eviction by drug or surgical methods as appropriate.

When to consult?

Emergency. Any woman who has bleeding and / or pelvic pain, severe, unexplained, shall consult in an emergency, she knows she is pregnant or not. False bleeding are immediately dangerous to women.
In early pregnancy, bleeding is not necessarily linked to miscarriage. But if the miscarriage has started, there is no medical remedy to stop the baby is lost.

Can we prevent repeated miscarriages?

From two or three miscarriages, the doctor makes an assessment looking for a particular reason miscarriages. Although a specific cause is rarely found, there are therapeutic use to carry a subsequent pregnancy. Each case is unique, the medical care is not necessarily the same from one woman to another.

The general treatment consists in the administration of low dose aspirin (100 mg per day) to begin before conception and continue during the early stages of pregnancy. Treatment is stopped when the doctor decides.

More specific treatments are given according to the balance of exploration miscarriages: anticoagulants, vitamin supplements ...).

With what should we be confused?

You can have bleeding in early pregnancy due to a lack of joining of the egg to the uterus, or partial separation of the placenta that nourishes the fetus, which requires ultrasound monitoring and rest.

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