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Classification, Physiology, Causes, Symptoms: Cancer Anus

Anus (cancer of): Classification

There are several types of cancer of the anus, also relatively rare (representing approximately 3% of malignant tumors of the anus and rectum, occurring mainly after 60 years, three times more in women than in men), due to the presence of several kinds of covering material at this level, specifically called the epithelium. The most common cancer of the anus is the squamous-cell carcinoma of the anal canal.

Anus (cancer of): Physiology

The closure of the anal canal is done through two sphincters: the internal sphincter, consisting of circular muscle fibers, and automatic external sphincter is under the control of the will.

Anus (cancer of): Causes

  • Use of radiation as a treatment (radiotherapy).
  • Leukoplakia (plate, sometimes taking the appearance of a whitish spot, creamy), appearing mucosa of the mouth or genitals.
  • Corresponding to an infection lymphogranuloma cancer characterized by the proliferation (multiplication) abnormal cell in one or more lymph lymphatiques.Infection papillomavirus (HPV type 6) transmitted during sexual intercourse (sodomy).

Anus (cancer of): Symptoms

Pain with defecation, often red rather than pain.
Constipation followed by diarrhea.

Rectal bleeding (onset of blood from the anus that stains underwear or toilet paper).
Presence of a palpable tumor by the patient himself.

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