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Anus (cancer of): Definition

Cancer of the anus is sometimes confused with hemorrhoids, the terminal orifice of the digestive tract: the anus, which is the normal state allows defecation under physiological conditions (normal).

Cancer of the anus is 2% of malignant tumors of the large intestine.
The majority of lesions arise within the channel, which is the anatomical area extending from the anorectal ring to an area located approximately halfway between the dentate line (or serrated) and the margin of the anus?

Carcinoma develops essentially ready the dentate line, that is to say, in the region of transition between the mucous membrane of the rectum comprising glands and squamous anus.

The development of anal cancer is most often due to infection by the human papilloma viruses, which is even causing cervical cancer of the uterus. This virus is sexually transmitted.

Sometimes it also induces the appearance of warts around the anus known as genital warts may develop into anal cancer (squamous intraepithelial or).
The anal cancer occurs most often in middle-aged individuals and more frequently in women.

Frequency seems to be higher among homosexuals affected by the human immunodeficiency virus.

Pathology (microscopic study of diseased cells constituting the affected tissue) it is a squamous carcinoma type most often located in the anal canal itself or margin (edge) of the anus.

We find sometimes metastasis (cancer cells that migrated) in the lymph groin. More rarely, the cytological study highlights melanoma or Kaposi's sarcoma (margin, edge of the anus) eventually indicative of AIDS.

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