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Some Tips For Breastfeeding

Basic tips to make your experience

  • To get a decent suction and good positioning of the breast, make yourself comfortable, either in a chair or in bed.

  • Never force the baby to take the nipple to open his mouth, just touching her lips with your nipple. In this way, it will make him open his mouth and, with time, learn to recognize this little sign! When you insert the nipple into the baby's mouth, make sure it is pointing to his palace. It is almost certain that sucking and feeding will correctly.

  • It is important that baby can take in his mouth a portion of the areola of your breast and not just the tip of the nipple. Taking the areola, he will have better suction. The areola is the dark area around your nipple.

  • A feeding should never be painful. If you feel pain, is that the baby's posture is not correct.

  • Baby let you dictate his character. You can then watch his little personality. Is it cold? He loves to be swaddled? Or rather he be layered or almost naked during feedings? Let it move freely. He found a comfortable position, and you will also benefit.

  • If your breasts are engorged, soften it by removing a little milk. In this way, baby will find it easier to drink.

Remember that a good decision in avoiding, cracking and prevents cracks. In addition, breast-flowing amply fills baby's appetite. A good way to ensure the stimulation of production lactiferous and prevent clogged duct's issues.

Here's how to break suction well underway.
If, for some reason, you need to remove your baby from your breast, you can do so using your finger as you swipe gently in her mouth, inside the cheek or between internal gums. You can then remove your nipple painless for you.

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