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Different Types Nursing Pillows

The nursing pillows

Some will tell you to take a pillow for breastfeeding; however, the nursing pillow is a tool best suited to your position and baby during breastfeeding.

Do not forget that we must compensate several inches between the knees and breasts and breastfeeding often lasts 15 to 30 minutes. Media that is too thin (or worse, not at all!) Will give you serious back pain. Regardless of the form, choose a pillow that provides good strength and does not overwrite a simple hand pressure. Finally, beyond the color of the cover, make sure it is washable.

Cushion C
Appreciated for its firmness, the pad contains a polyester fill which is not deformed with use. Form C guard in place on the hips. Two sizes are available depending on the size of mom. The amount of padding is adjustable. $ 40 to $ 55 depending on the cover chosen.

Cushion cylinder
This long cylinder filled with shells brash easy to use regardless of the breastfeeding position chosen. You can nest in a hollow baby or raise his head by simply moving the shells to the right place. Additional scales can be purchased separately. It also makes a body pillow during pregnancy. $ 60

U cushion (square) Baby Carousel.
This cushion provides a sizeable surface for the baby thanks to its large plateau in front. Ties to ensure you back it stays in place. In its washable cover, the cushion is waterproof and therefore protected from unexpected damage. Small pockets at the corners can keep on hand some basic (swabs, tissues, etc....) $ 60.

Molded cushion My breast friend
This pillow is made of molded foam, without granule or bump. It completely surrounds the waist and offers unparalleled back support. It is adjustable and closes by a loop of plastic the washable cover sewn pouch to store some useful items. A twin version is also available. $ 55 (reg.) or $ 95 (twins)

Cushion moon
This versatile long cushion that looks like a moon gives you full support. Buckwheat hulls embrace your body to support baby in the front but also your back. You can adjust the volume of shells based on their age. Its length and flexibility make it an excellent body pillow. It is perfect for breastfeeding twins also. - $ 140

Finally, most of the cushions can be used to support the child begins to sit. It will also be small (big brothers or sisters; supervision please) who want to keep baby safe. And come to think, breastfeeding or not, it is always more comfortable to have a baby when you have a support. Some nights may be long ...

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