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12 Tips To Facilitate Breastfeeding

It is possible to live a harmonious breastfeeding by following a few basic tips. We present you 12.

  • Give in to your child as soon as possible after birth, ideally within the first 60 minutes.

  • Keep your baby close to you, day and night. You can breastfeed lying down if you wish.

  • Be sure that your milk is perfect for your newborn: it is nutritious, rich and will fatten. This is a wonderful gift of health!

  • Breastfeed your child in need, according to his hunger. Frequent feedings stimulate milk production.

  • Learn to recognize the signs of hunger for your child. It will be a very personal way of letting you know he's hungry.

  • Make sure your baby is breathing well; he latched on properly; the suction is effective, and he gets the milk he needs.

  • Not to interfere with lactation, do not skip feedings, offer a pacifier to your baby or giving another milk before four weeks.

  • Whenever possible, wait until your baby is six months before giving another milk and solid foods better it will benefit all the benefits of breast milk.

  • Mow worries. Once a concern or discomfort arises, contact the nurse, a breastfeeding support group in your area or a clinic.

  • Slow. Breastfeed, it is also to the rhythm of a new life. Leave aside the sub-tasks and get help, for the most part.

  • Think you. Give yourself time to rest and recover for peace inevitably interrupted sleep.

  • Do you trust? The success of your breastfeeding experience will be enhanced if you have confidence in yourself!

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