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I missed nursing

You wanted to breastfeed. You do not have. You planned to breastfeed for at least a year. Before you had to stop. We told you everything would be obvious, but for you, breastfeeding was complicated. In short, things did not go as planned, and you are experiencing any difficulty. You're not alone.

First read our article Do not be breast-feed: a failure?

Here are some testimonies on the Facebook page survey.

Have you experienced the end of your breast as a failure? Why?
Yes, because I was not ready to stop. I did work for seven months, and I would have liked to continue ... It was difficult because the baby felt my stress!

No, because from the beginning I told myself that if breastfeeding works fine otherwise the bottle. I was game from the start with two solutions in mind not to live as a failure precisely.

I would have loved to continue. I stopped at one month and a half because I did not have enough milk .! However, I also believe that my guy was from lactose intolerance. Today, he is four months, and he drinks lactose-free milk. I so broke my heart not to be able to continue breastfeeding, but I think I tried anyway!

I would really, seriously. And yes it would be a big failure for me. I did not want to give these powder mixtures.

My daughter never wanted to breastfeed so I had to opt for the bottle, and I think I do not feel as responsible would be if it was not the nurses at the hospital that made me really feel guilty.

I spent a LOT of breastfeeding difficulties. I even consulted three lactation consultants. I think when we want, we can! I am now breastfeeding godmother, and I love helping my men tee. For cons, I struggled to my grief when I had to stop breastfeeding my son at nine months because I was pregnant with her little brother for two months, and my production had fallen sharply.

For my oldest, I stopped after about two weeks, he drank a lot, and I had no one to guide me ... In the second, I got two months, but he did not drink and was very nearly not bawling, so bright the bottle! For my youngest, I told myself that if it works, great, if not, I'm not a good mother, and finally, I do breast fed eight months and a half ... For my boys, I was disappointed not bad, but with my daughter, I was very proud ...

My daughter had no sucking reflex so breastfeeding did not work for me, and yes I experienced a failure and grief. Even today, I saw hardly more than a year after his birth, I feel bad about not being able to breastfeed my daughter.

I really wanted to breastfeed, both for the mother-child relationship as the beneficial side. Unfortunately, my son did not sucking. At the hospital, I felt a lot of pressure sometimes I even three nurses who were trying to make me into drinking the breast. The point that he makes hypoglycemia because it does not feed enough. It was a torture to feed every two hours. I saw nurses arrive. I wanted much, and everyone told me that nothing was supposed to prevent this. I mothered two days ago, and I was so bad. Until my husband gets tired and brings a bottle. Finally, Antoine regained strength! Except that nurses returning me asking if I wanted again. I held my end, and all is well. It's hard to resist the pressures of breastfeeding and not feel "unfit mother" and I have to constant justify myself when I leave a bottle. I'm all for breastfeeding, but I think we exaggerate with it.

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