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How Many Suffer From Seasonal Allergies

Suffer from seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergies hit residents of all regions of Quebec. Simply, there are trees, grasses or herbaceous as well say all over except in Quebec's Far North. The only difference is the time of a year, as different plants are not allergens at the same time everywhere, so there may be a few weeks lag in spike's allergies depending on where it is located. This year, the pollen attacks were hasty and Souffir are already thousands of people.

Pollen is a fine particle that is invisible to the naked eye and travel for miles. To reproduce, all plants produce pollen. Even with no problem in the plant's immediate environment, they can still be exposed.

From the budding of trees in late March through the grass pollen season in May, June and July, followed by that of herbaceous - especially ragweed - July, August, September and October, pollen is everywhere in air. "With climate change, we find that the seasonal allergy season has lengthened by stretching earlier in spring and later in the fall, so that the discomfort lasts longer," says Dr. Marie- Jose Francoeur, pediatric allergist.

Most allergenic plants

  • Ragweed
  • Birch
  • Maple

  • Eyes red, itchy and weeping, eyelid's swollen Nose congestion, sneezing, itching
  • Skin itching, plates that resemble hives.
  • Asthma. In some people, seasonal allergies can trigger asthma attacks.

As is the pollen that is responsible for allergies and the pollen is everywhere in the air, it becomes difficult not to be exposed to the source of the allergy. "In allergies, the first way to intervene is to control the environment as much as possible. First, we must change their behavior to minimize contact with pollen. To achieve this, it is important to monitor the pollen index to the media. The days when the index is high, we try to reduce our activities outside or to circumvent the problem by putting a mask to mow the lawn or gardening, "advises Dr. Francoeur.

In Canada, more than 9 million people suffer from allergic rhinitis.

Tips to minimize the impact of allergies

  • Monitor the pollen index, you can also download a free iPhone app, developed by Reactine allow you to access the pollen index at any time and anywhere! His name is: The weather Reactine allergy.
  • Reduce outdoor activities when the pollen index is high, especially on hot days and windy. After the rain, the pollen level is at its lowest;
  • Wear a mask when gardening or mowing the lawn that;
  • On returning home, we wash our hands, or you take a shower to remove pollen from the hair and skin;
  • Change clothes when entering the house;
  • Keep windows closed as much as possible. If you have an air-conditioning system, it is advisable to choose the option of internal air circulation and put a filter to trap particles of pollen;
  • Avoid drying clothes and bedding on the clothesline. Drying out, clothes trap particles of pollen and thus the allergic person wearing clothes full of allergens.

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