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Can You Drive A Car If You Have Epilepsy

Potentially dangerous epileptic driving was evaluated in numerous studies in several countries. Some key points are worth highlighted:

Accident frequency in epileptic patients is difficult to assess (1 to 4000 - 16, 000 epilepsy?) it seems that epileptics have more accidents than drivers without epilepsy. 9-17% of epileptic drivers, according to some surveys had accidents are more common in men. Injuries are serious in 2.5 to 10% of cases.

The majority of people with epilepsy do not report their illness when passing the driver's license, which can result in administrative complications with insurance companies in an accident.

Epilepsy has issued guidelines, "Epilepsy and ability to drive a vehicle," regulating the ability to drive a vehicle. It is a neurologist or a physician which specializes in epilepsy judged the ability to drive a motor vehicle.

The guidelines vary depending on the patient's situation. Thus, when an epilepsy "active," that is to say, when the patient continues to have seizures despite taking regular treatment prescribed property, the ability to drive must be removed. After a crisis inaugural interruption, license is required for three to six months, unless the crisis was caused by obvious factors where the interruption is as one to three months.

Another situation: that of a young epileptic who wants to pass his: the person is allowed as long as it has not had seizures for one year with or without treatment.

The period may be shortened if the patient has symptom's inaugural crisis, which predicted the course of the crisis. If seizures occur at night, or if it is a reflex epilepsy, that is ie occurring after a specific stimulus such as sound, light, etc..... However, the period may be extended in cases of abuse of drugs or alcohol, in case of non adherence or when crises are related to an injury or progressive disease of the central nervous system.

These guidelines relate to cars and motorcycles. Truck driving and taxi, bus and bus are subject to other directives much stricter.

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