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Breast Nipple Size and Shape

Big, small, slightly drooping, sometimes too soft, often hard pleasure, our breasts make us live all colors.

Objects of desire ...

Breasts are necessarily meaningful and femininity. Furthermore, it connects easily to the various fantasies and are objects of desire and seduction. They are part of our games and love they often awaken the sexual appetite. We do not hide in our breasts hold a stunning erotic power. And no need to show them naked for men titillate. A plunging neckline, a tight sweater that draws our chest or tank just a little indented.

Breasts are therefore, the basis of sexual pleasure ... duet. Indeed, if men plunge necklines for highlights, we must admit that many women love to be petted and nibbling her breasts during sex. When so stimulated, the breasts become very expressive. Muscle's contract breasts and nipples become engorged with blood. They harden and stand erect. The breasts are definitely very erogenous zone for women in addition to being an attraction of desire for men.

However, during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, breasts change a little "calling." On the objects of desire, they become "tools offering food" to the child. How do we live this change? Not a couple is of the same opinion! Sometimes, pregnancy and breastfeeding help us feel more beautiful and more women while having a positive impact on our libido. Sometime during this period of transition where the breasts meet their primary function - feeding the young - the couple dodged sexual games involving the chest.

Difficult? For some yes, for others it is just a pause. Its discussion between spouses is used to fix the situation. It also happens very often that we, as women, need to have time for our reacquainted chest. It's not like she was. Our breasts are soft, sometimes a little distorted! They fall ... Well; we do not find most appealing at all. Breastfeeding and physical changes in our breasts can affect our sexuality in our open discussion with our spouse to find a comfortable and fulfilling sex for both.

Some people opinion!

Collected on the Facebook page, these stories show us the extent of our moods to our breasts.

"I have had no difficulty at all to move from object desire to" stick milk. " Especially after that it is more difficult to return to an object desire, particularly since they are nothing like what they were before ... if you know what I mean. "

Marie Rose

"They flee from me than before, and I do not like it! All in beautiful soft ... I must say that I doubled in size during my pregnancy so it is quite normal! They are pretty like that, but the curve is not without the bra. However, I have not had to make a transition in my head. Breastfeeding and sexuality are distinct for me! "


"I do not like! Yes, I know! It should be the beauty of a mom who breast fed, but there is nothing to do ... when I see them, I sigh! "


"No misery! When it's time to breastfeed, it's time to breastfeed! When it is the time of desire, this is the time of desire! However, I do not really find desirable: soft and full of stretch marks. My boyfriend, he loves them since I am a mother. I would like to do it again, but he did not agree. Unless, of course, that they prevent me from being happy. "

Marie Grace

"I'm breastfeeding at the moment, and I love it. However, I have trouble seeing them as an object desire as before. I like a wall. They are different. "


"I breastfeed for a year, and my breasts are a source of comfort for baby and diet I would say ... magical! Breastfeeding made my breasts finally useful! As before, they were not an erogenous zone for me. Moreover, it is something baby and take full advantage! In addition, the fact that my body produces milk ... makes me feel powerful and strong! "


"The breasts are not at the base, a source of desire; they are also a necessity for our children. I think we know how this difference. "


"I find it a little hard to consider them for anything other than breastfeeding. Maybe when I finish breastfeeding, it will return. I do not do it. "


"I breastfeed for four months, and I love the experience. It's rewarding, and it gives me a very special and privileged contact with my daughter. By cons, although my boyfriend is pro-breastfeeding, he finds it really hard in a way because I do not consider my breasts any more as an object desire. He loves it and the depressing, but I cannot help it. It is as if at the moment they are being reserved for my daughter, and I do not really like my boyfriend touched. I hope it will return to normal after breastfeeding. "


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