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How To Choose A Good Fitting Bra

Choose a good bra

Did you know that up to 80% of women do not wear a bra in the right size? Some tips for making the accurate choice.

Not only does a properly fitted bra will make you seem better, but a bad fit (too big or too small) can damage tissues in your breasts.

If it is too large, your body burdened to be published if it is also tight it will hurt your skin and make artificial beads, what obviously does not! As your weight changes during the year, it is important to take your measurements regularly and renew your bra accordingly ideally, change bras in daily use at least once a year.

How to take adequate measures?

Bust (30, 32, 34, 36, etc.). Measuring the circumference of our chest by placing the tape measure just below our breasts if the result is odd, add 1-inch sizes as are all Sizes pairs.

Cup size (A, B, C, D, etc.) measuring the most generous of our breast loosely. This measure, we subtract our chest. The difference between the two tells us which hat to choose: 1 inch corresponds to an A cup, 2 inches, a B cup, 3 inches, a C cup, and so on.

For example, if your first measurement is 32 inches and the second 35 inches, you have a C cup.

If you are unsure of yourself, you can go to a lingerie specialist in your area: counselors are specially trained for the task and will be happy to take your exact measurements and advise you on the purchase. The important thing is, of course, never buy a bra without trying it first because each model is different and do not necessarily agree.

Preferred models

Caps (A and B) All models almost suited you: triangles, shelves, upholstered or "push-up".

C and D cup, you need support with, then you should avoid models "soft" that will make a chest collapsed; prefer bras with underwear.

Caps E, F and G: The frames are needed to keep your chest. The wide straps and cushioned to bring you comfort.

Adjustment to the purchase

  • When you have a bra that fits you the strongest part of the chest in the middle of the upper part of your arm between the shoulder and elbow.
  • If the caps are folds is that they are too deep and need to take a smaller size if instead the chest beyond the cap, take caps deeper.
  • A staple the bra clip in the middle: as the size of your breasts can change in a month because of your cycle, for example, it is important that you use the clip earlier in these cases to give you comfort, then return to the middle of the clip the other day.
  • If the straps come in the shoulders, one chooses, either wider straps or a better support, for example, through a bra fitting.
  • If the beads are formed in the armpits, the size is too small. Try a larger size. If it still does not fit, choose a different style, this type of bra is suitable may not be to your silhouette.
  • The frame mounts on the breasts when you raise your arms? The cap is too small or also big of. The frame, as the cap, do not move!
  • The back of the bra back? The tower is too big. You should be able to get one finger in all the way around between your skin and the bra for a perfect fit.
  • The straps constantly fall? Start by adjusting the level of the shoulder straps. If they fall still further, it is possible that this model is unsuitable for your type of shoulders.
  • The frame you hurt? Some models do not have enough fabric to cover the frame. Choose a model more comfortable to be well padded! You wear your bra for long hours, consider your comfort.

After finding a bra that fits you and pleases, have a tight sweater to see how it will. Remember that bras covered with lace or seams pronounced on the bonnet will be more apparent under your clothes a bra in plain fabric.

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