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Pertussis: Medical tests

The increase in the number of white cells in the blood can, with the symptoms, the diagnosis of pertussis.

Culture of the bacillus Bordet-Gengou which the best results are obtained after sampling probe nasal mucus, which should be promptly brought to the laboratory. It is also possible to draw, using a syringe, mucus from the pharynx and then proceed to seed on a Bordet and I Gengou. Cultures are positive in 20-50% of cases during the invasion phase and the beginning of coughing. These tests are being phased out in favor of the polymerization reaction chain.

The polymerase chain reaction called PCR also permits identification of Bordetella pertussis DNA samples taken through the nasopharynx. It is an analysis that is getting faster and requires one to two days. On the other hand, it is much more specific than the crops that can take between three to seven days.

The serological reaction is to look for antibodies directed against different classes of at least two distinctive antigens of Bordetella pertussis. The purpose of urological reactions also highlighted a rise in antibody titre on two successive samples. The antibody is made by fluorescence methods. The serological reaction can also distinguish the pertussis and pertussis itself. The examination of the sample by direct immunofluorescence gives results in minutes.

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